Creative Engagements with Digital Technology

Summer 2015, Tuesdays 12-2:50

Reflection Papers

At four points during the semester you will compose a short reflection paper (300-500 words) in which you will talk about what you’ve learned from the materials we’ve encountered as well as class discussion and activities. You can use it as a brainstorming activity for ideas for your class projects, or for personal projects. It is also a chance to give the instructor early feedback about the way the course is going, and whether you’re finding it useful, boring, confusing, etc. You will be graded on your demonstration of engagement with the course materials and discussion, not an arbitrary valuation of your ideas.

Midterm Assignment

The midterm assignment is a 1,250-1,500 word paper in which you will research and choose one example of a project that combines, collides, or challenges creativity and digital technology in an interesting way. First, you will explain why you chose this particular project, including its relationship to creativity and digital technology (as defined during our discussion throughout the semester). You will investigate the history of the project, including the tools/materials used to create it and the main people involved in it. Finally, you will relate it to larger themes raised by the course materials and class discussion.

Final Project

The final assignment is a project that can be done either individually or in a group, depending on your preference and class conversation. You will work on your own or together to produce a small project that uses the skills you’ve acquired and ideas you’ve generated over the course to combine, collide, or challenge creativity and digital technology. You may use any of the tools that we encountered during the semester, or something from outside of class.

In week 8 we will dedicate class time and thought to the structure of the project, and you will have time in class plus a week to brainstorm and put together a short (300 word) proposal for a project. Week 11 will be dedicated to presenting works in progress and getting feedback. Grades will take into account relative contributions of group members, as well as your collective effort to collaboratively generate an interesting project (failure to do so is acceptable, as long as you can thoughtfully discuss why it happened). You won't be asked to produce a polished, working project, but a prototype with a narrative & documentation of the decisions you made along the way.